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Halfway to Paradise (2002)
Tony's Autobiography

Singer Tony Orlando is recognized the world over for his 1970’s heyday with Dawn, but that glittering 1970’s whirl was just one chapter in his rich life. Orlando began his showbiz career as a teen hearttrob with the single "Halfway to Paradise" and had a second successful act as a record company A&R man before he was lured back into the limelight as a performer. Fans from the 1960’s to the present day have loved his voice, his stage presence and his hits, like "Knock Three Times" and "Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Ole Oak Tree."

Now, Tony has written an autobiography as warm and heartful as his songs. Halfway to Paradise is rich with stories from the music world-from doo wop to the disco era, from early recording with Gerry Goffin and Carole King to recent concerts in Branson, Missouri and across the United States. It’s also full of behind the scenes detail of how it felt to be at the top of the entertainment heap-with his #1 rated CBS show, Tony’s life in front of and behind the camera was grand, but sometimes not all it seemed. Orlando succumbed to one of the familiar antidotes to the pressures of a big life: drug use, with its predictable toll on family and friendships. And even as his career was soaring, he was unable to save his best friend Freddie Prinze from a fatal downward spiral.

With a return to roots-and to the close-knit family that has always sustained him-Tony restored the order and creativity that have allowed him to thrive through four decades of exuberant entertaining. Halfway to Paradise is a wise, funny and spirited life story, and a must read memoir for fans.


"Tony Orlando is magic. You buy a ticket, you sit down, and he makes you feel good. Read this book and you may find the secret to his magic and his philosophy of life…He is a good person, too (oops, I gave away the secret)" --- BILL COSBY

"Everyone ‘knows’ Tony because ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon’ became this country’s anthem during the seventies. Halfway to Paradise will let readers really get to know Tony—whose singing career has influenced the entertainment business since the sixties"—DICK CLARK

"With one song, Tony Orlando was able to rally a nation. And behind that song is a man whose story will move you just as strongly"- GERALD FORD

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Tie A Yellow Ribbon: While We Are Apart (2005)
Tony Orlando

Regardless of an American’s political affiliation, ethnicity or religion, one common symbol has evolved throughout the years to be what people need it to be: the yellow ribbon. This tradition bridges the gap between all Americans, representing love, support and homecoming for our loved ones that are away—no matter where they are.

Whether a father cries for his children while away at war, a mother’s son sits alone in a cold prison, or a beloved daughter has become all grown up thousands of miles from home while away at college, yellow ribbons continue to be tied, and Americans still salute those who serve.

In perfect time for a nation in distress, the hit song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree," performed by Tony Orlando in 1973 for the 500 POWS returning from Vietnam, made an American icon out of a mere symbol. The timing of this memorable performance undoubtedly changed history.

In 2005, Tony Orlando released his book, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, which celebrates the waiting, longing, and hoping that the yellow ribbon has come to signify. This powerful book honors both those who are away and those who lovingly await their return, and will make a place in every American’s heart that is missing a loved one.  

Still extremely active in Veterans affairs, Orlando has been on the board of VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) for over 12 years. He also serves on the board of U.S. VETS, an organization dedicated to finding homes for U.S. Vets.

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